Bookish #checkin – Lady Olenna’s drink to death Also a series about angels and chimeara!


Its middle of the night and I am too lazy to make some coffee.

No, Scratch that. I don’t want to make some coffee because I am too deep into the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy by Laini Taylor. And I don’t want to get up from my space for anything. Even coffee!

The week has been interesting to say the least. First, Lady Olenna Tyrell sassily drinks to her death [whoa – mind completely screwed]. And Cersei manages another win against Daenerys. In the Game of Thrones you win or you die and Cersei knows it better than anyone else. Seriously though you have to hand it to her! Started out with no kingdom and now has razed two of the most powerful kingdoms in Westeros. Dany – What will you do? What will you do?

Then, in the wake of GOT playing screwy head games with Euron’s ghastly parade of Yarra and Illyria[gross], the Unsullied being trapped by him[damn that man] and then Jamie smashing High Garden [seriously stop now]; I started the Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.

Wasnt planning to. Just happened. Was recommended by a friend.

And Oh my God! Another book that is screwing with my head [am I really surprised?]. It started out innocently – reading about Karou and her collecting of teeth. And then everything changed. Akiva, Karou, Brimstone, Madrigal, Issa – they all came together in a conspiracy. A conspiracy for my obsession. Because suddenly there are angels [angels with soul-burning stares – angels like Akiva] who are wandering in the human world and Karou has stumbled into another world – a world with two moons and a castle with spikes around it, oh and did I mention demons – like with a wolf’s head. And there is something strange to the Akiva and Madrigal’s story that is running in the background.

And so I forego coffee and read.

The book is totally recommended. Not just because Karou is such a fascinating character but also for Laini Taylor’s creation of the world of Eretz. While I was reading this book, I realized how powerful her depiction of this world was – with the music, the power, the seraphim and the chimeara. Add elements of war, romance[which is clever and emotionally charged] and art and you have got yourself a winning deal.

And I know for a fact that I am going to read the next one.

And I do.

As well as the next one.

I think I am still reeling.

It was an absolute joy to see the growth of Karou – from innocent [read naive], bright eyed girl who sketched and collected languages, wishes and teeth to Lady Chimeara – last hope of her race and certainly the last hope to peace of Eretz. From soft to steel with her hamsas ready for combat, she moves from being guileless to broken to powerful and finally redeemed and yes, loved. And it is for this journey that you should definitely read this trilogy. Taylor is especially accomplished in giving you the twists and turns which keep your attention riveted and obsessed until you arrive at the final end.

Thats all my bookish adventures for this week. Stay tuned for the next one! [If I can get over Karou and read something else that is]. For now, Keepcalm out!



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